Nasze magazyny energii posiadają intuicyjną instrukcję obsługi w języku polskim, która w łatwy sposób umożliwi ich prawidłową instalację.

In addition, we provide technical support through a helpline with our expert who will assist you with a step-by-step installation if you have any questions or problems.

Hotline:  +48 531 50 40 37

In the event of a battery pack failure or problems with its correct operation, you can report the problem to us via: You will be informed by email of the further procedure related to the battery pack service.

The service procedure is as follows:
1. Reporting of the problem: 

2. Email contact with feedback about the service procedure.

3. Phone contact and remote support attempt.

4. Return of the battery pack to the address indicated in the procedure.

5. Device diagnostics.

6. Feedback (repair of the battery pack or information on the need for a complaint).

7. If the battery pack is repaired, it will be returned with feedback describing the problem that has been corrected. If the battery pack cannot be repaired (and this is not linked with incorrect installation) or a factory fault is found, a complaint procedure shall be initiated and a new battery pack shall be issued to you. wydany nowy magazyn.


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